Our Leadership Team

At Delcom, our passion for providing a convenient, cost-effective high-speed on-ramp to unlimited bandwidth starts at the top. We are a multidisciplinary team of business, technology and sales professionals focused on delivering value to builders, developers, associations and management companies. Each member of the executive team contributes extensive market knowledge, expertise and a unique set of credentials to Delcom's ongoing success. Unlike large operators/utilities, our management team is accessible, approachable and known for close involvement with customers. The team combines extensive market knowledge, expertise and professional credentials based on more than 150 years of combined experience designing, building, deploying and managing communications & data infrastructures.

Donald R. Smith
President, Chief Executive Officer and Founder

President and Co-Founder of D&L Telecommunications LLC. Established in 1978, D&L is and has been a dry utility construction contractor for 35+ years. In addition to Fiber Optic and Cable networks, D&L is a premier supplier employed by major telephone carriers and electric utility companies throughout the state. D&L is employed by major South Florida developers to build dry utility infrastructure for residential developments. Having installed more than 30,000 FPL services and 3300+ miles of underground utilities in Florida, Don is respected for his quality of work and has distinguished himself as the go-to contractor. Don currently works with major developers, carriers and builders throughout Florida.

Scott Jones
Executive Vice President, Technology and Founder

With 27 years of experience, Mr. Jones worked with Yahoo BB/Softbank in the design-deployment of a first fiber optic triple-play service that today services 20 million FTTX subscribers. In addition to consulting in 70 countries on network design and operational implementation, Mr. Jones has built and operated competitive cellular networks in Vietnam, Cameroon, Honduras and other locations worldwide. Technically advanced and operationally experienced, Scott has designed and deployed more than 500 communities in the United States representing 100,000+ subscribers utilizing modern FTTX fiber technologies.

Brent Crippen
Vice President, Finance and Founder

Brent D. Crippen is a seasoned business professional with over 30 years experience in various industries, including over 20 years in telecommunications. His experience includes over 17 years with AT&T wireless where he held several leadership roles. Along with being regional CFO and VP of Finance Mr. Crippen held positions of VP of Business Development and Strategic Planning and VP of Customer Care, both Business to Business and Consumer. He was the only VP at AT&T Wireless to hold positions as VP/CFO and VP of Customer Care simultaneously. Through his innovative approach to call center management Mr.Crippen converted traditional call centers from a cost base center to a complimentary source of revenue generation for the company. Mr.Crippen has managed revenue budgets of over $2 billion and capital expenditure budgets in excess of $150 million, both on an annual basis. His expertise in cost reduction management and revenue generation consistently provided results that exceeded cash flow targets. Has been directly responsible for over 1,200 employees at AT&T Wireless. Brent is also an inventor holding 6 U.S. patents and 1 U.S. trademark. He has successfully developed and marketed several of his inventions. Manufacturing of his products is U.S. based and performed by an injection mold company in Vero Beach, Florida.

Jon Lippard
Chief Executive Officer, Intersect Business Services and Founder

Jon M. Lippard is an attorney with more than twenty years of general business law, regulatory compliance, and litigation experience, both in private practice and as in-house corporate counsel. He has spent the last ten years as executive-level in-house counsel for a variety of entrepreneurial companies in the insurance, financial, technology, and telecommunications industries. As a top business and legal advisor for Delcom Telecommuncations, Mr. Lippard is responsible for matters of regulatory compliance and licensure; overseeing contract negotiations, drafting, and performance; fulfilling corporate governance and filing requirements; developing and implementing internal policies and procedures; identifying and managing risk and advising Company executives accordingly; and handling other business and legal matters that arise in the normal course of day-to-day business operations.

Ken Klink

After 12 years with Harris Corp's Semiconductor Division, Ken was recruited to GE's semiconductor startup at RTP in NC in Materials Management which became a springboard to GE Capital's Fleet Ops in Minneapolis MN. There, as Director of Procurement, Ken led a Team that ordered and delivered 88,000 vehicles annually. As Director of Procurement at both Ryder Systems and FPL Group, Ken was responsible for Supply Chain initiatives and multi-billion dollar spends. He served as VP Support OPs with GE Mortgage Default Management in Houston TX and later as Chief Operating Officer of Broward County Schools with 9 divisions and 4,500 employees. Woven through his career Ken has been instrumental in numerous business consolidations and led significant manufacturing, systems and process re-engineering initiatives.