Infrastructure for today and tomorrow

Delcom, a master contractor for FPL, has been designing, trenching and installing conduit systems for 35 years. If you need your infrastructure to be built to last . . .

Site Survey and Design

Delcom's team and partners can survey, stake and design the infrastructure needed for FPL, CATV providers, Data & Telecommunications providers and/or customer owned conduits.

Electrical utility Infrastructure

Delcom, with 35 years of experience as a master contractor for FPL, will provide your communities with complete unimpeded electrical infrastructure. Delcom will set transformers, handholds, and run single, double and triple phase raceways. We will also manage the build-out and interface with FPL to ensure timely and accurate completion.

Data and Telecommunications Infrastructure

If your property needs any communications infrastructure, Delcom has designed, furnished and installed it somewhere in Florida. Fiber, copper, Ethernet, it doesn't matter to Delcom's team. Pedestals, splice cabinets, and in-ground vaults, are all part of the complete end-to-end raceway that Delcom can provide for your properties. Combined with Delcom's, open, install and close the trench daily methodology, your homeowners and clients will hardly notice any disruption.

Modernizing your street lamps

Delcom can with minimal intrusion help you plan, and install your new street lighting. Do you need poles set? Do you need the electricity distributed to the poles. Delcom's expertise will help you modernize your street lighting, reduce your electrical bill and preserve your landscaping

Times change

In keeping with the changing times, Delcom has added a team to help design and build-out your surveillance systems. The reality is that in today's world we all feel safer knowing that our property, common areas and amenities are monitored. Delcom will work with you to create a monitoring plan for your community. Delcom's licensed partners can also work with you to monitor the property and provide different levels of security response.