Builders and Developers

oFrom the sidelines to the front lines of the bandwidth revolution: o
oBuild more capacity, speed and revenue into every property.

Experience the new utility

As demand for data-intensive services like video on demand, cloud computing and home security grows, fiber connectivity has become a key deciding factor for home-buyers. However, cable and telecom operators have been slow to respond. As a result, infrastructure choices for builders and developers have been limited... until now. With utility-grade Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH), you can ensure that your property is top tier. Your state-of-the-art fiber infrastructure is installed at the same time as the rest of your service infrastructure, so the cost is on par with traditional copper networks.

Building the connected community

Fiber-connected homes sell faster than other properties. What's more, fiber adds an estimated $5,000 to home values. And, by collecting monthly service fees, you can tap into a dependable source of recurring revenues.

Want to find out why builders throughout Florida turn to Delcom for reliable underground infrastructure, construction and networks?

Discover how you can

  • Meet growing homebuyer demand for Fiber To The Home
  • Future-proof your development cost effectively
  • Support the extreme-bandwidth services consumers want
    • Broadband speeds of 1 GB per second
    • Telecommuting
    • Tele-medicine
    • Remote home security
  • Generate a steady source of monthly recurring revenues
  • Sell out your development faster by offering the power of fiber connectivity

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